Promise of Purity


The Promise of Purity course is not just a good idea but a God idea. We believe it will be the beginning of what God wants to do in revolutionising our society where promiscuity runs rampant.


Course Format

The six week course begins with registration, after which the course requirements, which include reading and homework, are outlined. If any members of congregations other than carmel: take part in this course, we invite and encourage others from that church to be their facilitators.

At this introduction session, every person taking part in the course is provided with the book ‘Sexual Integrity’ by Dr Ed Cole, together with the accompanying workbook.

Seminar Day

All participants are required to attend the Seminar Day at the end of the course. This consists of six lectures and two periods of group discussions. Every person on the course will be delegated to one of these small groups which will consist of same sex people of a similar age. Each group will have a facilitator. The topics covered on this day are:

  1. Being faithful in that which belongs to another. This session will cover four areas of a person’s life that belong to someone else and how God’s requirement in each area is faithfulness in order for life to be successful.
  2. The truth about Sexually Transmitted Diseases. This session will describe some of the sexually transmitted diseases, how they are transmitted, what are the symptoms and that the only option for prevention is abstinence.
  3. Sexual Immorality – What does it mean? This session clarifies why any sexual activity outside of God’s divine order is illicit and it also covers godly principles to empower people to live free from sexual immorality.
  4. The Power to be Pure. This session deals with why many people in adult life cannot break free from the strongholds they find themselves in as a result of abuse (sexual, emotional, mental and physical) and how, by exposing and dealing with the past people can find freedom and fulfillment.


After successful completion of the course, participants make a pledge at this special ceremony. They are presented with a certificate and a silver engraved ring as a symbol and reminder of their Promise Of Purity.

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