Promise of Purity

Seeing an need to repair society, the course was born

Everything starts somewhere. James and Natalie, the course directors for Promise of Purity, share about the origins of Promise of purity. It was not just a good idea but a God idea.


In the UK, we live in a very sexually promiscuous society where teen pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases are the highest in Europe. We know that England is not isolated in its fight against teen pregnancy and STD’s; HIV/AIDS is spreading viciously in Africa with over 28 million people infected. If we don’t do something about it, we will see generations lost.

There are over 15 million cases of sexually transmitted disease cases reported annually in the USA and over 200 thousand in the UK. There are 340 million cases worldwide. Adolescents and young adults (15-24) are the age groups at the greatest risk for acquiring an STD, 3 million becoming affected each year.

God needs the Church to stand up and present an alternative lifestyle to the one offered by the secular world. God gave Carmel the name “Promise of Purity” for a course that equips and enlightens people to a life that is biblically based and Holy Spirit led. The focus of the course is not virginity, because we recognise that many people have a ‘past’ and excluding them would give them no hope for the future. Our God is a God of restoration and not condemnation and He will embrace ALL who are truly repentant (see Luke 4:18-19; Romans 8:1). POP emphasises sexual purity BEFORE and AFTER marriage – before in abstinence and after in fidelity.

Pastor Gerri Di Somma, senior minister of Carmel Ministries International, wrote the structure and subjects of the course and Carmel introduced POP in January 2004. The course is run on a regular basis and at the end of each course we present a certificate and silver ring to all who have taken part as a symbol and reminder of the Promise of Purity that they have made.

We have seen the most amazing changes in people’s lives, which we know will positively influence both their own future and that of generations to come. Since we’ve implemented Promise of Purity in our local Church, God has given us a vision to take this course to the world.

Check out for yourself the real-life stories of people of all ages who have done the course and see how their lives have been changed.