Promise of Purity


You’ve read about what the course, Promise Of Purity, is all about. Now read for yourself how it has changed the lives of people who have experienced it, learned from it and through it made a Promise Of Purity.



I did the POP course because I wanted to be fully equipped for any future relationship I might enter into. I knew that I needed to grow in certain areas if I wanted to be a man who could help my future partner fulfil her potential.

I thought I had to conform to a certain image for someone to be interested in me. The course challenged my thinking and made me aware that I needed to focus more on my character so as not look down on myself.

Since the course, I am more confident about just being myself and not having to try to impress. It feels almost as if I am engaged. Looking at the ring reminds me about how I need to be committed to stay pure for that one special woman who I’ll meet one day.

I have received sound teaching which will better equip me to handle courtship in a godly manner and give me a solid foundation for marriage in the future.


I was encouraged by my mum to do POP, although I had already made the decision in my heart to abstain from sex until marriage. I really felt I needed to be grounded and fully informed about what my decision entailed and how it affects my lifestyle.

During the course, the possible consequences of not living a godly and pure lifestyle really dawned on me I became aware of the magnitude of this promise between God and me.

I now see my promise of abstinence as a positive rather than a negative. It gives me a sense of freedom – it no longer feels like a constraint to my lifestyle. I also feel much more confident when sharing my decision with others. I now can share a way to improve an aspect in life that is so easily pushed aside or forgotten in my generation.

I see my future filled with freedom, significance and purpose. With my decision I now have a special gift to give to my future spouse.


I wanted to wholly submit myself to God – my thoughts, body, emotions; past, present and future – to dedicate my life to Him as a single woman so that when I enter marriage, I do it as a woman who was and always will be God’s first and foremost.

This course clarified the purpose of God’s vision for my life and for a lifestyle of purity. I see myself more as God intends me to be – His princess, bold and fearless as I work out my salvation before Him. The meaning of my name ‘Princess Warrior’ is engraved inside my silver ring to remind me.

Past feelings of inferiority, shame and lack of worth were exposed as lies. Now I daily choose to take more thoughts captive.

I look forward to marriage when I will walk down the aisle knowing that I am God’s daughter, given for Him and only betrothed in marriage because He has ordained it. Until that time ‘The Lord is my husband and I walk with Him in purity and truth.’ Isaiah 54:4-5


I wanted to stay pure because I thought it was the right thing to do. In my heart I was questioning – I wanted to know the reasons why God wanted me to. I registered to do POP hoping to find the answers.

The one key thing for me on the course was that it made me think about my future. One day I might have a wife and a family and POP made me realise that what I do now will affect them.

Since I finished the course what has changed most in my life is that I live for tomorrow and not just for today. I now live for what God is going to do in my life and through my life.

When I think about the future, I see myself growing in maturity and character with Jesus and I hope that one day I will meet a woman who sees this quality in me.